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Singer, talent, money, moslem

16-10-26 02:39
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> > > Haii i'm Nuralisa, i'm indonesian, 19th years old. > I'm a singer, i wanna be an populer singer since i was elementary school. I'm a good singer, and i think, i'm a born singer. > But i haven't got passport and alots of money. I'm moslem to. Is it okay i join this camp? > I can't speak korean, but i can learn it. Thank u >

Hi Nuralisa,

thank you for showing interest in our program, unfortunately we can only provide the program participant who registered and paid full amount we are a private training company that we are not able to provide all the sevices to everyone sorry about that. please apply our program when you are ready to enroll.


Vincenthog 19-07-10 00:55
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Hello. Thx!
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